We discourage the use of personal eletrionics at day camp. During the camp day, campers have games, activities, and lessons to participate in. Our staff will not be held responsible for any broken or wet items.
Occasionally, we take a very long bus drive–that would be the only time campers will be allowed to use their electronics. While campers are at parks the bus will not necessarily be secure, so again, we will not be responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen items.

First Full Week! July 6th-10th

We are thankful for an awesome Orientation Week! We met several new campers and the counselors got to experience what their summer weeks are going to be like. I am thankful for a fabulous group of staff members who work really well with your campers! Many redeeming conversations are happening throughout the day.

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming week:

If you are registered for Early Care, you can begin dropping off your campers at 7:30am; all other campers may begin arriving at 8:00am–activities begin at 8:30. All campers should have a release form and immunization record on file or bring them in on Monday morning. Release forms will be available to be signed if you have not done so. Campers can be picked up at 4:30pm. If campers are present after 5pm, they will have late care billed to them at a rate of $15/week. Late care ends at 5:30pm… All campers should be picked up by 5:30pm. There is a fee of $10 per camper every 10 minutes after 5:30pm.

Day Camp Specific Reminders and Tips (Grades 1-5)

MONDAY WE WILL BE GOING TO LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER. This is a change from our normal schedule. Please have your camper wear their camp tee. If your camper will be attending for the first week, we will have the shirts available upon registration so they can change into them. Your camper will need a sack lunch. We will be returning to camp around 4:30.
We will be having 2 home days in a row on Tuesday and Wednesday. This week’s theme will be Disney… Miss Kristen has many activities and Bible lessons up her sleeve for the week. We will have crafts with Miss Laura.
Thursday will be Water Day. Again, this is a change to our normal schedule. We will be ordering pizza for lunch. The cost for 2 slices of pizza and a drink is $5. Please send your camper with a one piece bathing suit and all of their swimming paraphernalia. Lots of water and sunscreen as they will be running around in the sun all day! We will have the slides up here and will be attending Bogota Swim Club in the afternoon.
The Day Campers will be going to Bowler City on Friday. Please have your camper wear white soled tennis shoes so they can avoid the hassle and chaos of changing shoes and getting sized at the bowling alley. Campers will need a sack lunch as they will be eating in the park across from the alley. You are welcome to send spending money with them to take advantage of the arcade games and concession stand available after they finish bowling. Please send water bottles and sunscreen with your camper as they will be playing at the park before heading to the bowling alley.

Adventure Camp Specific Reminders and Tips (Grades 6-10)

Monday, the campers will be going to Liberty Science Center. Campers need to bring sack lunches. We will return to camp around 4:30. Please be to camp by 9:00 in the morning so we can get the maximum time at the museum.
We will be having a home day on Tuesday. The day will kick off with a breakfast run and devotions. The counselors have been preparing and planning great activities and lessons for this home day. Campers can bring a sack lunch or money to walk to a nearby restaurant.
Wednesday afternoon, the adventure campers will be going to Bowler City. Campers will get a couple hours on the lanes and free time to spend at the arcade and concession stand. Your camper may need extra spending money for those activities. Please wear white soled shoes so you don’t have to change them at the bowling alley.
Water Day will be on Thursday this week. Please make note of this change from our normal schedule! We will not be walking to purchase lunch, but will be ordering pizza a drinks for $5. The afternoon will be spent at Bogota Swim Club. Make sure you bring your one piece bathing suit, sunscreen, and towel.
Friday will be your final home day of the week. Again, campers will walk to breakfast, do devotions, and activities at the camp facilities. This week, campers will be able to showcase their creativity at craft time.

Please join me in praying for the campers to enjoy this coming week and for their safety throughout the week. God is good! We have great plans set out and a group of dedicated staff to make sure your camper has a fabulous week!

It is not too late to recommend Cornerstone to your friends! Send us a new camper and we will take $75 off your camp week!

As always, please call or email with any questions or concerns. (201) 487-3180 or gennamolitor@gmail.com.

Have a blessed 4th of July weekend!

Genna Molitor
Cornerstone Day Camp Director


Please note: Next week, we are going to deviate slightly from our normal routine.

ALL CAMPERS will be going to Liberty Science Center on Monday.

ALL CAMPERS will have a home day on Tuesday.

Adventure Campers will be bowling on Wednesday. Day Campers will have a home day on Tuesday.

WATER DAY is switched to THURSDAY. (Waterday lunch will be served on THURSDAY)

Day Campers will be bowling on Friday. Adventure Campers will have a home day on Friday.

Around the World

God blessed us with a glorious day one!

Praise the Lord for safety and short lines for the Adventure Campers at Dorney Park. They had a good time hanging out together. Pray for open ears and hearts tomorrow during their home day as we learn from the Bible and do activities at the camp facility.

The day campers talked about the character quality of respect. It coincided well with them meeting a very respectable group of young counselors. I pray that throughout the summer they apply this truth that has been taught to them.

The day campers adore their counselors already… one already decided that they need to get a playdate scheduled so they can hang over the weekend too. Haha. (I think the staff is going to be needing the weekend to rest after the new energy the campers brought!)

Miss Kristen had a plethora of eclectic activities from around the world prepared for this afternoon. Campers went home with passports stamped with at least 4 different countries. Campers built teamwork skills building Eiffel Tower replicas as a group, developed awareness skills in a hide and seek game, worked on coordination as they used chop sticks to transfer objects… they had a very strenuous afternoon!

Tomorrow, the day campers are taking off for Land of Make Believe. They will need their swimming attire and spending money is optional. Please join me in praying for their safety as they go.

If you know of anyone looking for a safe, fun, character building summer haven make sure you tell them about Cornerstone Day Camp!!

See ya in the morning!

Genna Molitor
Cornerstone Day Camp Director
(201) 487-3180